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Gilda Blueford


As a Compton native, Gilda Blueford has resided in the city since 1955. A proud product of Compton, she often identifies herself as a Compton High ‘Tarbabe.’


Forty years after graduating high school, she was encouraged by her son to enroll in school. The adjustment to being a student again was steep, but she acquired an Associate’s Degree in Arts and Humanities from El Camino Compton Center; and Bachelor’s Degree in Women, Gender, and Sexuality from California State University, Long Beach. Her experience at CSULB fostered her desire to engage in community advocacy in knowledge, confidence, and determination.

Gilda's first role as a community advocate began as the president of the Albertsons-Hillford-Arbutus Street Neighborhood Watch Group (AHA) in 2011. It was in this capacity that she forged positive relationships with her local Town Sheriff, various elected, and non-elected officials.


She is regarded by many residents as someone who desires to understand how to work in response to the needs of the public, and the role of each party; government and resident, plays in reaching mutual satisfaction. This explains how she is able to mobilize her neighbors through education, and engagement to move towards the best possible outcome for the community.

Gilda views the citizens of Compton as the most valuable, yet most neglected asset in the city. Although she has the passion to uplift and empower all citizen members, her personal goal is to advocate for the city’s homeless population, whom she considers to be a highly victimized segment of the city. In this next phase of reaming, and doing, she plans to open a facility providing housing, employment and health resources to Compton’s homeless population.

Gilda often recalls the ‘good ole days’ when the city of Compton, known as the “Hub City,” was a thriving, self-reliant community of color. Her objective is to work to restore and revitalize ‘The Hub’. She is convinced that this can only be done by ensuring the voices of all of the city’s residents are being heard, through words, and deeds.


Gilda believes a paradigm transformation is underway in the City of Compton and it is the obligation of Citizens Coalition for Change; as well as Compton citizens throughout the city to prepare our friends, and neighbors for the change.


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