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About us

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Citizens Coalition for Change was originally formed and organized in 1998/1999 under the corporate name of Concerned Citizens of Compton by employees of the Compton Police Department who were also long-time residents of the City of Compton.

The organization was initiated out of an abundance of despair that the City of Compton was moving in the wrong direction due to alleged corruption in the  city government.

The initial group of founders, Patricia Simpson-Lawrence, Leomise Theresa Nazel, and Marilyn  Seymore , were all employees of the City of Compton Police and Fire Departments. After creation of the group, many community members/activists quickly joined the group.

The first President of the organization was James Johnson; followed by Willie McReynolds  and later, Marie Hollis.

The last President under the corporate name Concerned Citizens of Compton was Gilda Blueford. Ms. Blueford is a lifetime resident of Compton. She was voted in December 2018.


The first group of members consisted of:

James JohnsonWillie McReynoldsGladys Russell,

Lorraine CervantesInnette WeaselFred Cressel,

Maxey FilerCynthia Griffin,  Jackie Fisher,

Karen GaitherJaqueline HardyJoyce Taylor,

Michael TurnerBetty BatesPamela Bates,

Hazel Citizen, and Father Stan Bosch.


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The primary mission  of Citizens Coalition for Change is to establish and maintain a standard of government that is dedicated to the best interest of the citizens in the City of Compton by making sure that all the applicable local, state and Federal laws, and guiding principles of the Compton City Charter are followed by the city leadership and the elected officials.

We encourage and support the elected and/or appointed officials, and demand from our leadership that they serve the citizens of Compton with unselfishness, honesty and integrity.




Citizens Coalition for Change enters into long-term informal strategic alliances with a number of stakeholder local organizations while retaining our full independence.


Our strategic alliances are formed in order to pool resources and to undertake projects toward  common goals that will benefit the greater Compton community.

At the present time, Citizens Coalition for Change has informal strategic alliances with:



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