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Marilyn Seymore

Founding Director

Marilyn Seymore has lived in the City of Compton for over sixty (60) years. She worked for the City of Compton Fire Department for fifteen (15) years, and for the Federal Government for five (5) years.


Marilyn’s community activism role was heightened when she became involved with the creation of the organization. Marilyn vividly recalls conversations among her colleagues regarding constant criticism from the community regarding alleged corruption, cronyism, and nepotism amid City's elected officials.


What initially began as a small group of concerned Compton citizens from the Police and Fire Department endeavoring to solve the plight of City government, quickly grew into members of the community joining the group strategizing in ways to “Save Compton”. Marilyn fondly recall meeting regularly at the home of one of the employees, and meals being prepared while the group strategized as to what they could do, how far they could reach; while remaining employed with the City.

“There was protest, recall attempts, letter writing campaigns performed on regularly basis—all to send a message to the elected officials that the City belongs to the people,” states Marilyn. “We wanted the officials to know they are elected to govern the City on peoples behalf, not to destroy its name and reputation.”

As momentum grew to save the City, employees were cautioned! Marilyn stated, “I remember walking the entire parking lot of a local shopping center placing flyers on all the cars about the alleged corruption and recall attempt; and at the end of the parking lot, a Compton Police Officer who was parked watching, told me to go back through the parking lot and remove every flyer from all the cars!”

“Situations were very bleak, but we as a group never gave up! I was always taught that when you believe in something, you fight for it! I believe in Compton; and as one of the Founders of Citizens Coalition for Change (formerly Concerned Citizens of Compton, Inc.), I am still fighting for Compton!”


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