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Leomise Theresa Nazel

Founding Director

Leomise Theresa Nazel, aka “Theresa” has been a resident of the City of Compton for over sixty (60) years. Theresa worked for the City of Compton Police Department for over twenty (25) years.

Theresa’s community activism was initiated when she began to advocate for the community through the organization, Citizens Coalition for Change (formerly Concerned Citizens of Compton, Inc.). Theresa reflects back that neighbors and members in the community were constantly voicing their disapproval of the actions of the elected officials. There was alleged corruption and nepotism throughout the city. She ans a few other colleagues from the Compton Police Department and the Compton Fire Department decided to become more involved in the City to ascertain how they could help.

When the core group first began, their numbers were small. There were two from the Compton Police Department, including Theresa, and one from the Compton Fire Department. Other employees stated they would support in the background, for fear of losing their jobs.

The small “out-front” group began attending council meetings; some spoke of the condescension of the actions of the elected officials; while others were responsible for recording the responses from the Dias. Gradually, the group grew in numbers, as many community members began to join in their efforts. As the group of concerned citizens grew, and the concerns of the community escalated; the more apparent the negative actions from the city elected officials towards the concerns of the community became.

The concerned citizens held peaceful protests Monday through Friday from 6:45 am to 6:00 pm in front of City Hall with signs stating: “Save our City”; and “Stop the Corruption!” The protests became a channel for recruiting new members. The concerned citizens group quickly grew from a few to hundreds. They now needed a place to meet and strategize how they could get the elected officials to listen to “We the People.


At first, the concerned citizens began meeting at different private homes. One of the founders, Theresa provided meals and snacks at the initial meetings. The group continued to grow, and it was soon realized by the community and the city administration that that organization of the this group was visable.

Citizens Coalition for Change (formerly Concerned Citizens of Compton, Inc.) elected its first President– James Johnson, Professor at Compton College. Circumstances and conditions in the City of Compton continued to escalate; however; they, the Founders and members remained/and continue to remain focused on Compton being a model City where the elected officials will know and understand they are representatives of “We the People” of Compton; and “We the People” expectations are for the elected officials to conduct themselves as OUR representatives!


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