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Patricia Simpson-Lawrence

Founding Director

Patricia Simpson-Lawrence has more than 39 years of serving the people of Compton through her work with the Compton Police Department, as a Community Activist, and through the organization she founded and shaped, the Citizens Coalition for Change (formerly Concerned Citizens of Compton, Inc.).


Patricia Simpson-Lawrence moved to California in December 1968. She attended Southwest College, and later enrolled in ROP-PBX School to become a PBX operator. Patricia acquired her computer and typing skills at the Chester Adult School. While attending her third week of ROP and typing classes, she was approached by Bernice Dredd, a staff member of the Compton Unemployment Department. Shortly thereafter, Patricia was hired to work the night shift at the Compton Police Department. While working for the Compton Police Department, Patricia took on another part-time employment, working for the Federal Reserve. She worked for the Federal Reserve for twenty-four years.


During her tenure with the Compton Police Department, Patricia began to notice what appeared to be blatant corruption and nepotism among the elected officials of the city. In an effort to understand the strong allegations of corruption sweeping through the city, Patricia began to attend City Council Meetings regularly. It was during the Council Meetings that Patricia gained unadulterated understanding of the workings of the government, its authority, and how corruption was occurring. Patricia first began voicing her disdain at the City Council Meetings regarding alleged corruption, and soon began seeking assistance on behalf of the citizens in the City of Compton in form of writing disapproval letters to various governmental agencies, holding press conferences and in 2000, she spearheaded a recall process on the “seated” Mayor. During the recall signature collection process, Patricia faced violent opposition. She was forced to turn over all the collected recall petition signatures under gun point (March 2000).

Patricia had received the attention of the community; as different community leaders and residents joined the group. As the group sustained continual growth, so did the corruption in the City. The group of concerned citizens led by Patricia moved on to eradicate corruption in the City of Compton. However, the more vocal Patricia Simpson became, the more her employment with the City of Compton was threatened. As the staff of the Compton Police Department urged Patricia to allow someone else to be the front person, and chair meetings, while she worked in the background.

Today, Patricia continues to be the front-runner on eradicating corruption in Compton. She goes on with her letter writing campaigns, attending City Council meetings and speaking out against all likely corruption among elected officials. She continues organizing protests and town hall meetings—all under the auspices of Founding Director of Citizens Coalition for Change (formerly Concerned Citizens of Compton, Inc.).


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