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Morris McElroy

Executive Board Member

Morris McElroy joined the Citizens Coalition for Change (formerly Concerned Citizens of Compton, Inc.) in 2010.

Morris remembers joining the organization when the City's elected officials and the community were enjoying a congenial relationship. He recalls the community being content, as the elected governing body was organizing and sponsoring events that bought families together.

Morris states that during the early years of his involvement with the organization, the elected officials were carrying out their duties relatively transparently, while listening to the voice of the people. The people wanted communal activities that honor and bring the people together as a harmonious community. They wanted an elected body that would govern the city with continually improving economics, city and street beautification, public facilities, while putting concerted effort to improve public safety.

Morris recalls each Council District and Mayor enjoined signature events/activities throughout the city that bought families together. The officials organized and facilitated wonderful public events like Winter Wonderland, Caroling in the Park, Breakfast with Santa, Jazz Festival, and the Mayor’s signature event, The Gospel Fest. The community was together as a family; and the community’s voice was heard.

Citizens Coalition for Change declares: “We demand unselfish and honest service with full integrity from all our elected and appointed officials!” Since joining this compassionate group of visionary residents of Compton in 2010, Morris believes that the organization's declaration and fervent dedication to checks and balances has played, and continues to play a key role in the City administration's transparent and accountable service to the community.

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