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Compton Used as Backdrop for Celebrity PR...

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Celebrities, politicians, sports figures, rich and famous all come to Compton to provide occasional one time aid such as food, hygiene products, school supplies and clothing. Yes, our under-served community is grateful for every assistance we can get. Yet such occasional one time assistance is not sustainable and not much remains behind except some social media posts of expired flyers when the celebrity convoys leave the city.

Almost all such programs (with some rare exceptions) are designed by PR professionals to boost the public images of the "sponsors." While our city of Compton and our under-served community is used as perfect backdrop for gas-lighting the public with great PR photo ops and media headlines, the VIP's soon go back to their mansions, feeling accomplished, leaving our community behind, and quickly forgetting why they were even there.

People and products are brands. And branding concept strongly applies to cities as well.

Since the early 2000s, many cities developed a brand image, increasing the potential to benefit residents, bolster business, boost development, stimulate investment and growth.

Compton must consider branding and trademarking the name of the city, and its residents have to get a tangible return, a measurable benefit (may be in form of a trust fund for the residents) from celebrities, politicians, sports figures and anyone using its brand name for any purpose.

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