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Download Compton's City App and Become a Civic Citizen Today!

Become a civic citizen and engage with your city like never before by downloading the official app. With features like

  • City Hall,

  • Places,

  • News,

  • Calendar,

  • Business Directory, and

  • Issue Reporting,

you'll find it easier than ever to stay connected with your city with just a few taps on your mobile device. City Hall and Places sections allow you to have all the important contact and destination information in your city with the click of a button. Learn about your city's history, demographics and elected officials. Find parks, facilities and points-of-interest along with information, phone numbers, maps and directions. Use the Issue Reporting section to report graffiti, potholes and other issues directly to the correct city department right from your phone. The issues are tracked from the initial report to resolution in the "My Reports" section and you will receive push notifications as your report progresses. Stay informed and up-to-date on the latest happenings and upcoming events through the News and Calendar sections. Use the Business Directory to find a local contractor, bakery or new restaurant just around the corner from you. Promote economic development and help ensure your city's thriving future by shopping and dining right where you live. Use the Message Manager to message the business directly and interact with your local business owners on a more personal level than third-party review sites allow. Download your city's app and start engaging with your town on a more meaningful level. Become a civic citizen today!

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